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Pokemon GO Players Guide To Woodbine Mall


If you�۪re looking for a Pok̩mon hotspot in Etobicoke, Woodbine Mall is the place to be! The mall is home to dozens of Pok̩mon, just waiting for you to catch them. Be sure to look both inside and around the exterior of the mall, because you never know where one will pop up!

Get Ready

Always be Alert

If you�۪re hunting for Pok̩mon inside the mall, be alert and courteous to those around you. It can be easy to get caught up in the game and bump into a shopper or fellow gamer. The last thing we want is someone getting hurt.

If you�۪re using Pok̩mon GO outside the building and in the parking lot, be especially attentive to your surroundings. Be alert for all vehicles, bicycles and others on foot.

Get Set

Before you get to the mall, make sure your device is fully charged. The Pok̩mon GO app is notorious for draining your battery quickly, so starting with a complete charge is a smart idea. If you have a portable charger or external battery pack, bring that too.
To extend the life of your device�۪s battery try reducing the screen brightness, turning down the volume and closing other apps that could potentially use battery power.

Did you know Pok̩mon GO has a built in power saver setting? To turn this feature on, tap on the Pok̩ball at the bottom of the game�۪s main screen, then tap on the settings gear at the top right of your screen. Choose the ���battery saver�۝ option.

Make the Most of Your Time

When you're roaming the mall with mobile device in hand, look for the floating leaves. This is your signal that Pok̩mon are near. We�۪ve seen several show up at once, so be prepared and have your Pok̩Balls ready!

Watch the tracking tool on your screen. The tool will show you which Pok̩mon are in your vicinity and is often filled to capacity when at the mall.

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